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Partnership Info

“PANASPACER”. With a very seiouse investment, and more then 1 year along project , researchs and preparation process, PANASPACERS ready to be produced in 4000 M2 Factory and very high skilled 35 workers, labaratory , application atelier and all other technical supports. PANASPACER will be produced with pure quality rubbers and %100 gurantee raw materials for our customers.
PANASPACER is flexiable spacer with WARM EDGE technologhy that give you superiore advantage of making very fast, long life and economic DOUBLE GLASS. PANASAPCER is produced as 2 series.

1-PANASPACER-ISOTECH (PANASPACER-IT), Extra Rigid Polycarbonate sheet reinforced and ondulated , Triple Extrhusion technology with Extra rich Desiccant formulation as inner layer, GREY or BLACK),
2-PANASPACER-MAXITECH (PANASPACER-MT) Extra Rigid Polycarbonate sheet reinforced and ondulated , Triple Extrhusion technology with Extra Surfaces and Weight that give very stronger bonding and isolation quality).

Please see below very Superiore Advantages of PANASPACER ;

1- PANASPACER has got very low U values, and does not contain any metalic parts to transfer heat and energy. U Values are %50 better then Regulare Aluminium Spacers. Now in United Kingdom, USA, Clasic Aluminium Spacers are not allowed to use for new Buildings because of poor U Valuesand very high HEAT CONDUCTIVITY just PANASPACER ISO-TECH and equal products are allowed to use because of good U values and very LOW CONDUCTIVITY.
2- PANASPACER has got 25 years minimum gurantee for applications and humidity even in very Low temparatures from -55 till +70 C.
3- PANASPACER has got very big advantage of application. With only 5 worker , you can produce 1500 M2 glass in 1 day. Even you don’t need high skilled workers, it can be regulare worker that need training only 1 day to be professional.
4- PANASPACER does not require big investment to be produced. Except GLASS CUTTING MACHINE, you need only 1 Glass cleaning machine and according to your choise, BIG SIZE (180 cm) MEDIUM SIZE (130 CM) HOT-PRESS machine. So maximum investment is not bigger then 30.000 USD. Even 20.000 USD for medium size ateliers, or just without any machine, manuel application for small consumation of double glass. Also We will provide small hand tools that, with very small investment you can make PANASPACER application.
5- PANASPACER will be even applicable with a only small heater like HAIR DRYER , especially in hot climates, after application, PANASPACER activate very quickly and only last joining point needed to be heated extra and finish application.
6- PANASPACER is also available with ARGON GAS fillings. And it is very easy to fill with ARGON GAS according to clasic Aluminium Spacers. 
7- PANASPACER is very ECONOMIC way of producing DOUBLE GLASS. You will save %50 from your actual coste for ALUMINIUM SPACER, THIAKOL, SLICAGEL DESISCANT, CORNER JOINT, High LABOUR coste. Just to give you small idea , you will make same amount of glass with only 4 People by using PANASPACER. In Aluminium spacer you need minimum 9-10 work for same job.

So PANASPACER is really revolutionary way of SPACER technology that permits even very small PVC WINDOW-DOORS shops to produce their own DOUBLE GLASS.
Also Double Glass producer can use that. Even very small Pvc window Shops in small towns can produce their own DOUBLE GLASS. That is easy, practic and Profitable business for all of our partners. +++ BIG PLUS , SOYTASGROUP give all the gurantee and Training and all technical support for their Partners. We hope to hear your interests and quick returns to decide about our marketing policy for PANASPACER. We will be happy to share that oppurtinity with you , preciouse partners and friends...
Best Regards...